Reaching New Heights in the Himalayas.

I was searching through my backpack for my flag and bottle of wine. I'd made it to Everest base camp! It was February which was in the middle of the Nepalese winter. My wine had frozen to my despair but I didn't let that feeling fester on me for too long. I got the camera …


Mami Wata – a revamped folktale.

On a beach in a far away land I was dancing under a thousand stars shining bright on the night sky the boats at sea were moving gently along with the waves fishing for the daily catch to supply the morning market I dived into the water caught by the same rhythm the water caressing my body as […]

Mumbai Flavours

Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai! It was in the afternoon a December day that we touched down in Mumbai. The heat, the people, the smell, the sound all hit us as we came out of the airport. We grabbed a prepaid taxi into the city and the Salvation Army hostel where we were gonna stay. An Indian friend of Sada's …