A Short Digest of a Traveller’s Tale, Part 1

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”, and I was off, writing the most extraordinary story.

I’ve always had a dream to write a book but I’ve never had a good enough story, and what story is better than my own? I’ve lived it and I know how to tell it, truthfully. Passion was born somewhere between Mt. Everest Basecamp and Kala Patthar where everything seemed possible and that’s when I knew there’d be a book about this, about my journey.

Let me tell you a little about this book that I’m writing. The book is an account of a backpacker’s journey, my journey, consisting of an intricate maze of stories – some ordinary and some unordinary stories, and the occasional taboo story. You’ll get the opportunity to follow me in my footsteps exploring the corners of the globe, you’ll meet me in my rawest, you’ll meet me on a paradise island, and you’ll slowly create a bond with me, the girl on the road.

In the book chronological events from my travels are mixed with chapters based on earlier events in my life. The idea is to show how defining events build character, and contribute to a changed attitude towards established values and beliefs. In addition, you’ll be invited to take pleasure in a surreal love story that runs parallel to the main plot, and is most definitely a story that reinforces the main theme of the book.

My ambition is to publish “A Traveller’s Tale, Part 1” in 2018. In the meantime I’ll be promoting my book here via the blog space. Come with me!