Reaching New Heights in the Himalayas.

I was searching through my backpack for my flag and bottle of wine. I’d made it to Everest base camp! It was February which was in the middle of the Nepalese winter. My wine had frozen to my despair but I didn’t let that feeling fester on me for too long. I got the camera out and my Swedish flag and had my first, and probably funniest, photoshoot ever at exactly 5,354 meters.

It was a moment of transformation that happened right there and then. I was running around the camp as fast as I could which was probably slower than I would walk down the high street at home on a regular day after work. I was skipping across the camp and even made an attempt at jumping. I felt like I was flying high as a kite when I suddenly hit the hard frozen ground and fell over. I was giggling like a schoolgirl and the altitude had me feeling dizzy. I was in a euphoric state of mind. The rest of the world seemed so remote. I’d completely disconnected from everything except for the moment which had me experience overwhelming pleasure and stimulation for life and my entire existence. At one point I even wondered if it was real? If I was actually there at the Everest base camp?

When the first sun rays climbed over the mountain tops both my Sherpa and I stopped exactly where we were in that moment. For a split second we were both lying down on our backs watching the sun rise. The early beam of light was endowing the Everest peak with a golden hue. The sensation in that moment was one of grandeur and rare natural beauty. The peak raising up to 8,848 meters looked like a 24 carat gold nugget when I suddenly realised how blessed I was to get to experience this very moment. I was humbled in the arms of the gigantic mountains. It was as if my body, mind and soul interconnected fully for the first time. I loved every second of it. Everything was so pretty. It was literally breathtaking.

It was impossible to rationalise my surreal and magical experience at EBC that day so I figured my consistent spinning of prayer wheels and repetition of mantras on my way up to the EBC had helped me accumulate some good karma.



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