Gap year extravaganza – my journey at a glance.

It was a great year. Unique in the way that I had the opportunity to stay on the road for just over a year or exactly 378 days, every day counted. I’ve done some trips prior to this longhaul but they’ve been a lot shorter. The longest was a month when I did the Silk Route by train with a couple of friends. I’ve also added som countries to the list after my big trip. The map below shows all the countries I’ve been to so far (more to be added!), which is roughly 25% of all the countries in the world. The aim is of course 100%. Let’s go right, but I’ve learnt that slow travel is the best so no rush on my part. I want to feel, to smell, to explore, to dive deep into the places and cultures that I visit, in order to learn and understand and to see what makes all of these different people tick around the world.

I post all my travel stories from the big trip in #Travel and random stories from other trips or places I’ve been in #Short Stories, where “The Chameleon – a life far beyond” is an example. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!