Mami Wata – a Revamped Folktale.

On a beach in a far away land

I was dancing under a thousand stars shining bright on the night sky

the boats at sea were moving gently along with the waves

fishing for the daily catch to supply the morning market

I dived into the water caught by the same rhythm

the water caressing my body as I was drifting out to sea was soothing

its softness comforting

I was in endless harmony with my existance

a fisherman caught my sight and dived into the water

to save me or himself I’m still not sure

he was my prince and I was his mermaid

I came back to life when he kissed me

he said “you’re my mami wata I’ve been waiting for you”

I smiled “sir, I’m sorry but I’m not real you are dreaming”

“then please let me dream for a little bit longer”

it was the spell so powerful

the spirit of the water

“I love you”



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