Just do it. No Regrets.

Skype is just brilliant. I had my best mate on a video call trying to find a flight to India. We were desperate to get away. Ever since the decision had been made my body was itching more than ever for the adventure ahead. Flights were expensive and we opted for the cheapest option that we could find which included a couple of stopovers. We really didn’t mind the stopovers to be honest as we had all the time in the world and a tight budget.  So really it made a lot of sense to go for that dirt cheap option, or at least we thought so. I remember my index finger shaking when I pressed my way quickly through to the checkout page when I realized that my financial goals were out the window and that I would have to start from scratch on my return. I quickly suppressed my inner voice. Then I looked at the oneway ticket to India and wondered if I’d ever come back? I didn’t know, I had no plans, non whatsoever. In an instant I felt relieved and a quiet happiness. I realized how fortunate I was to be able to do this. A once in a life time opportunity! It was true that a lot of people had been trying to convince me to stay in my job, or given me a lectures on how silly it’d be to take such an uncalculated risk, or told me how irresponsible it’d be to just leave. I had listened to all their reasons and realized that they didn’t understand nor saw the bigger picture of this trip. It is however also true that I had my doubts and fears of leaving everything behind. However, the joy and the excitement, the uncertainty about the future, the freedom I felt when thinking of new places, new people, unexplored cultures, new challenges, I knew that I was on the right track and that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to see, to explore, to do, to feel, to discover, to learn and so on. When I finally hit the buy button on statravel.co.uk I felt the music of freedom flowing through my body, warm fuzzies and happiness. It was incomparable to anything I’d felt for a very long time, a positive feeling of endless freedom! As it turns out that was just the beginning though…

Oh how we cheered and shouted on Skype! We were going! We were going on an adventure! My mate shouted “I think the backpacker life will suit us, I fucking love this shit, can’t believe we’re actually doing this, weeeeeeeee”! My reply was simply “this is so fucking awesome, this is life, this is gonna be epic”!

We had a chicken kiev in Kiev, slept in the airport and spent a few days in Dubai before we landed in Mumbai, India!




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